5 Extremely Sexy Spots For Girls To Get A Tattoo

A tattoo is a belief and a cultural symbol. I didn’t say that the body must have a tattoo to look good. If you think that the tattoo is illegal, there is no need to force yourself to like it. There is absolutely no need to feel that it hurts. But if you think that tattoo is beautiful and you want to have a symbol of your own, first of all, you have to respect the tattoo. This is not a matter of makeup. It must be a very serious thing.

Many people are pursuing tattoos. How to respect tattoos? we must first understand the connotation of this culture, such as the styles of tattoos, the meaning of tattoos, and the different parts. Today, I will share I think 5 extremely sexy places to get a tattoo for girls.

  1. Wrist Tattoos

Tattoo in this position is more suitable for girls, private, delicate, and not painful. This position is suitable for designing small totems, small symbols, small insects, small love, etc., and you can have a good display effect between your hands and feet. If you are a buddy with no accessories, you can also wear a timeless bracelet here. Tattoos in this position are easier to heal and are a good choice for beginners.

2. Ankle Tattoos

The ankle is one of the sexiest part of a woman. Many men are obsessed with the curves of a woman’s ankle. Tattoos in the ankle are also the first choice for many girls. Ankle tattoo is suitable for small, beautiful and feminine totems. Generally, you don’t choose to have a big color in your ankle.

3. Behind the Ear

Even though the ears are a small part of the human body, it didn’t stop others to get ear tattoos. The behind of the ears is perfect to ink minimalist tattoos and it can easily be hidden for work.

4. Tattoo on Hip

Like all tattoos, ink a tattoo on the hip will hurt. But many women still like to ink it on hip. Getting tattooed on the hips is one way of showing the feminine grace and grabbing attention. The hip is one of the sexiest parts of the human body. I hope below designs will offer you some inspiration by inking your own tattoos.

5. The Shoulder Tattoos

If you really like to wear a vest, be sure to design a tattoo on the front of your shoulders, and you can become more attractive on top of all vests. But because there is not a lot of muscle bottom in this place, it will be more painful. The back of the shoulder is also a sexy part for inking a tattoo. Because it is more concealed and has a lower level of pain. Girls can also occasionally wear bare shoulders to play tricks.