Encouraging Bed And Bed Case

Now, we learn to create more value in a limited space. Getting on and off the bed is such a kind of existence. The connection to the bed and bed, through the straight-climbing stairs, saves space, facilitates up and down, and sets the ladder separately next to the bed. Make the room more special

The addition of the starry elements is like being in a new world. It is vast and comfortable. The connection between the upper and lower is also full of new ideas. The bed in the form of the house has suddenly changed into a new space. The pointed roof is its characteristic.

The care of the lights is always a finishing touch, making the space harmonious and novel. The four-fold bed is full of tests, the space is full of trials, the style is unified, the lower part breaks through the shape of the traditional bed, and the hole is the prototype. It can be used for rest and play, the space is divided, and it is very clear. The bedside guardrail adds a pattern and breaks through the traditional way.