6 Great Sofa Color Ideas For Your Living room

Comfortable and soft sofa is a must-have piece in the living room. Its style and color need to be combined with the living room, so that you can create a space with style. When choosing a sofa, not only look at the style, materials, but also pay attention to the color of the sofa. Because the color of the sofa can affect the home style of the whole room. If you want to make the atmosphere of the whole living room more harmonious and beautiful, you should pay attention to the color of the sofa.

Before writing this article, I turned over the color of the sofa in hundreds of cases and found that the most frequent appearance, almost can hold any color, with a variety of styles of sofa color. Take a look at below photos and find your favorite sofa color to decorate your living room.


The proportion of gray sofas in the home case is estimated to be higher than 50%. It can be said that it is a versatile choice and almost no mistake. It’s neutral, fickle and not aggressive. If you feel too dull, you can embellish it with bright colored pillows, vases, lamps, and so on.


The proportion of blue fabric sofas is also relatively high. It appears in rustic, modern, Nordic and other styles. It is generally blue with low saturation and a bit of gray. Compared with the gray, the personality should be more vivid, with a gray background, it can reflect the charm of the main color.


Brown is common in leather sofas, light coffee and dark, sometimes orange. Different shades have different tastes, and the leather sofa itself has a certain sense of high quality due to the material.

Dark brown is more common in traditional American furniture, such as the rustic rivet leather sofa, which is easy to create an overall style with rustic furniture.

In addition to the above-mentioned sofas with common colors, there are actually many other colors to choose from. If used well, it will be full of charm, but due to the difficulty of matching and some other reasons, a little number of families select these colors. Less does not mean that it is not good-looking, but that personality is publicized.


Although black is also a versatile color in color, it will make the environment color appear dark, so it is actually used in a small area in the home, and the black sofa is used less.


White is definitely a leather sofa, because if it is a fabric sofa, cleaning in the future is a big problem. Although white is also a versatile color, white is a popular choice in color choices such as cabinet doors and wooden doors, but it is an upset in the choice of sofa color. Probably it is mainly considering cleaning problems.

Yellow, Green, Pink

For applications like this yellow, green, and pink sofa, I admire the designer’s collocation skills. Not only does it have no sense of disobedience, but it is a self-contained one with a distinct personality and style. Finally, hope you will find your favorite sofa color that can match with your living room.