Wood Creativity In Life

Life is never lacking in beauty. It’s just the lack of eyes and creativity to discover beauty. Even those who are willing to try it out can even transform the whole piece of wood. It is a bookcase with its art and literature, or directly put a few boards on the corner of the tree to make it a beautiful scenery of the study. If you want to save space, you can put a few sticks in the middle of the wall with a wooden stick. The book immediately filled the study.

If you can cut the wood in the middle of the wood and turn it into a large vase, you can say that it is not beautiful. You can also use the wood to make a flower table. Putting such a piece on the table and eating it seems to have an emotional tone. Wood is the same literary scent of candlesticks. You can make a round hole in the wood and put a candle directly. You can put the candle in the wood and engrave the heart-shaped candlestick on the outer layer. Sending people must be unspeakable romance can also directly put a row of candles on a piece of wood and then put it on the table. This style is not only elegant, but also very practical for the disabled babies. Some people directly lick some The twigs are directly wound into a circle around the candle to make a retro full of small ornaments. Whether it is placed in the living room or bedroom, I would like to have a look at it. If you are a “simple and rude” baby, you can use a piece of wood directly as a storage table. You can Attach a tripod underneath