7 Ways to DIY Pine Cone Crafts That You Will Love

When the winter arrives, there will be a lot of pine cones dropping from pine trees. Whenever I am outdoors, I always pay attention to the pine cones scattered under the pine trees. Just like a treasure hunt, pick some good-looking cockroaches and go home to do the work. Pine cones are fun to DIY variety of crafts, range from pine cone ornaments, holiday gift decorations, string ornaments, etc. Today we will come together to see the great use of pine cones.

  1. Micro Landscape Decoration

The pine cone is matched with a glass cover and then decorated with some other items of the Eternal Life series. You can DIY a mini ecological bottle. The decoration is very chic and beautiful, and the key is unique.

2. Table Centerpieces

The dark brown color of pinecone seems to have an elegant sense. It is naturally matched with green. Some parties in western countries like to decorate the table with pine cones, and the atmosphere is very comfortable. Pine cones are also a kind of small things that are naturally suitable for table centerpieces. They can be casual and serious, and can be used with rustic styles.

3. Mini Pinecone Tree Pots

With a little bit of thought, you can also make small pine cones into mini pots, which are water-free, nice and convenient. This lazy craft you must try.

4. Hanging Crafts

The cute body of pine cones is also very suitable for stringing them together as a string and as hanging crafts.

5. Wedding Centerpieces

The pinecone embellished wedding suits you very much like the natural wedding, the pine cones are full of natural feelings, whether it is holding flowers, groom boutonniere, wedding arrangements, etc., small pine cones will surprise you.

6. Pine Cone Wreath

The Christmas wreath made of pine cones is very beautiful. It fits the Christmas theme. It can be hung on the wall or placed on the table. First, you need to wrap a circle with soft rattan, then prepare special glue to fix the pine cones one by one. On the circle, if you want other flower decorations, you can adjust it according to your preferences.

7. Pinecone Christmas Tree

Fix fix the pine cones on the trunk with fine wire. According to the shape of the pine tree, a pinecone Christmas tree is done.