How to DIY Storage Basket With Rope

The hemp rope is rough and simple, and the binding effect is unremarkable. It can be used for DIY crafts, giving it a chance to regenerate. The rope can be DIY into a home decoration, ornaments and decorations. There are many ideas that DIY crafts with rope. The hemp rope is convenient, economical, and very textured. It can be used for DIY in the home, not only to make a retro effect with personality, but also to add a touch of natural flavor to our home.

We always face storage challenges at home. Storage is a critical part of maintaining an organized and functional space. And storage baskets and boxes are good solutions. You don’t have to spend more money to buy lots of storage baskets, you can DIY them at home and paint your favorite color. Below pictures will show you how to DIY storage basket by yourself.


Carton (such as express box), multiple glue sticks, a good hot melt glue gun, and a hemp rope.


1. You can use the intact box, starting from the bottom, and glue the rope to the proper position.

2. As shown in the figure, wrap the rope around the outside of the box, apply a layer of hot glue every turn, and finally wrap the hemp rope around the box.

3. Finally, the rope is wound up in this way. You can also put a cloth on the inside of the box as a decoration, and the simple storage box is ready.

4. Finally, you can apply your favorite color to the linen storage according to your personal preference.

The nice and practical storage box is done.